The School Story

I actually enjoyed the story even though the plot was pretty far-fetched. I especially found the glimpse into the world of publishing interesting, and I found myself appreciating the bits and pieces of life as seen through Natalie’s mother’s eyes.


The Tanglewood’s Secret

What an excellent first witness and introduction to Jesus this book makes! Although I want to keep our copy for Little May to read when she’s older, I may pass it on long before then. It’s that good.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden has become a classic that every woman I know has read and loved. I received a beautifully illustrated book for Christmas one year as a child, and it became a special Mom and Me time of bonding as we read the book and studied the pictures.

Lawn Boy

Lawn Boy uses comedy and a bit of a surreal story line to introduce children to the world of economics. I had to explain a lot to the kids – stocks, shares, entrepreneurs – but they actually listened and enjoyed my mini lessons since it pertained to the story.

Somewhere Around the Corner

I enjoyed the book not only for the story but the great discussion points. The phrase “somewhere around the corner” is repeated throughout and symbolizes a person’s dreams for the future – and that the character had to walk around the corner themselves and go get their dreams.