Daisy Comes Home

We are studying China right now, and this picture book created a relaxing end to the school day, giving the kids a visual of everyday life and scenery in rural China.

True to Jan Brett form, the illustrations are amazingly detailed and delicious.


Pet Vet Series

Grace’s Review (4th Grade): I loved reading these. I read all six books in three days. They were exciting and educational. I learned a lot about what vets do, and what an assistant would do too.

Creepy Critters

The pop ups in the book are large, detailed, and very life like! They creep all of us out. Apparently the pictures are a little too good because my kids just admitted to me they haven’t actually read the book

The Chalk Box Kid

I would have to describe this book as simple, engaging and sweet. It was well written, and for such a simple story the characterization was done just right. I was a little nervous at how the story would end, but it was very fitting.

A Beka Reading

Even I enjoy most of the stories in the readers, and the discussion questions are well thought out. Like any curriculum though, this will work well with some kids and not for others, depending on their personality and learning style.Unfortunately, A Beka is missing a key part of what I feel is a must in any reading curriculum.