The Big Wave

I checked this book out from the library because it was both on Sonlight’s Core F reading list, as well as on My Father’s World’s library reading list. After skimming it though, I felt it was too much sadness for the girls right now…I have read some of Pearl S. Buck’s books in the past and loved them, and I really would like to read this one in the future – maybe as summer reading.


Tucky Jo and Little Heart

This book is precious for one simple fact – it’s true! The storyline appears to be straight from fiction. A young soldier, a traumatized and starving little girl with a heart tattoo… a nurse returning a life-long favor to an old man. I’m so glad Johnnie Wallen’s story was told so it’s not lost to future generations.

My Father’s World

In a Nutshell:

We LOVE My Father’s World!!! It’s not perfect but it’s very well thought out. The girls are receiving a well-rounded education and a heart for God.

The Prophet, the Shepherd & the Star

Grace’s Review (4th Grade): Jenny L. Cote gathers biblical information and places it into her books. I love to read it, and wish to get the whole entire series. I’m saving up my money for them. That’s how much I like them. They’re great and amazing illustrations in black, and the writing is awesome.