Choogoowarra: Australian Sheep Station

This is another book I found at the library. My first impression was “old and outdated” because, well, it is old and outdated! The topic interested me though; I was curious how the sheep stations differed from American ranches


This Place is Lonely

So far this is my top pick for learning about Australia. It’s as informative as a textbook but a lot more fun to read.

Tucky Jo and Little Heart

This book is precious for one simple fact – it’s true! The storyline appears to be straight from fiction. A young soldier, a traumatized and starving little girl with a heart tattoo… a nurse returning a life-long favor to an old man. I’m so glad Johnnie Wallen’s story was told so it’s not lost to future generations.

Creepy Critters

The pop ups in the book are large, detailed, and very life like! They creep all of us out. Apparently the pictures are a little too good because my kids just admitted to me they haven’t actually read the book

The Top of the World

I was only a few pages in when I realized I actually really liked it. The collages are very detailed and well done, right down to the light coming from the hiker’s headlamps and the mountain peak reflection in their sunglasses.