The Great Ships

I was drawn to this book by the beautifully detailed cover and the illustrations. I learned about quite a few ships I’d only heard of – I finally know how Old Ironsides got her name!


Celebrate Ramadan

I perused quite a few books at the library about Islam before settling on this and a few others. This one is my favorite so far. True to National Geographic fashion, the pictures are what really make the book. Girls in Nepal decorating their hands with henna, a large family in Iraq sitting on the floor eating, a man in India selling cakes… I am having a hard time writing this because I’m flipping through the book and staring at the pictures all over again.

Marco Polo

This is a nice, easy reading book that introduces the reader to Marco Polo and Kublai Kahn. I read it out loud to the girls, and they begged me to keep reading. It was short, fast paced and exciting, and makes a great reader and simple introduction to Marco Polo.

Cameron Townsend

I really enjoyed learning Townsend’s story and the birth of Wycliffe, but much of the book was dry and bogged down with details. To be fair, I think it was meant to be a one-stop reference/biography and therefore isn’t really suitable as a read aloud for 3rd and 4th graders.

Grandfather’s Work

I found this little gem in the non-fiction “Africa” section of the library and we loved it! All three of us enjoyed studying the pictures and comparing even little details of African life to our life (“Mom! His mother bakes and sells white bread!”).