My Father’s World

In a Nutshell:

We LOVE My Father’s World!!! It’s not perfect but it’s very well thought out. The girls are receiving a well-rounded education and a heart for God.


Kamishibai Man

This picture book is hands down my most favorite book we’ve read so far this year. I am struggling to put into words why I liked it so much.

A Beka Reading

Even I enjoy most of the stories in the readers, and the discussion questions are well thought out. Like any curriculum though, this will work well with some kids and not for others, depending on their personality and learning style.Unfortunately, A Beka is missing a key part of what I feel is a must in any reading curriculum.

A Beka Spelling

Both girls consistently test above grade level for spelling so I am happy and will continue with A Beka Spelling next year. The work is challenging for both girls, but they are still able to get A’s on their tests with 20-30 minutes a day of studying.

A Beka

If you believe in a traditional based curriculum you should seriously consider A Beka. I know families that have used only A Beka that love it and have done extremely well with it.

If you feel confined by traditional classroom teaching with rote memorization, worksheets and textbooks, then it probably will not be a good fit for you and your children.