The Great Turkey Walk

This was a cute book! It was funny and light-hearted with bits of real life scattered throughout. And who knew that in 1863 someone actually did drive 500 turkeys from Missouri to Denver!


Hittite Warrior

I was as excited as the girls to finish this book, and every school morning started out with me reading to them while they ate breakfast. And reading, and reading and reading…

Pedro’s Journal

I intended to read this as a stand-alone “fun” book for Columbus Day, since we’re studying Ancient History right now. This was my mistake as the girls were bothered by what they learned about him…All that to say, while I thought the book was a good read and well written, it’s not one that I would take lightly.

The Kite Fighters

First of all, this is one of the few chapter books we’ve read (as a family of GIRLS!) that I think would really appeal to boys. It’s a book about boys and fighting (well, okay, kite fighting, but still).

A Lion to Guard Us

This was our first book by Clyde Robert Bulla and I found it to be very well written. It’s easily understood and read, but has a lot of foreshadowing and clues. There were tons of discussion points where I was able to re-read a sentence, ask the girls what they thought it meant, and then point out how it further deepened the character development and story line.