The School Story

The School Story

Author: Andrew Clements

Pages: 196

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks

Scholastic Reading Level: 4.7

Lexile Measurement: 760L

Written In: 2001

Summary (written by Marie):

Sixth Grader Natalie is an aspiring writer. When she shows her best friend, Zoe, her manuscript, Zoe ends up taking the bull by the horns and creates an elaborate scheme to get it published.  Since they know adults won’t take them seriously, they decide not to let the adults know!

Marie’s Review (Mom):

I actually enjoyed the story even though the plot was pretty far-fetched. It has a unique story line and I especially found the glimpse into the world of publishing interesting. As a mom I also appreciated the bits and pieces of life as seen through Natalie’s mother’s eyes.

While I wouldn’t read it again myself, I really think it’s a great book and definitely recommend it for 4th-6th graders.

Grace’s Review (5th Grade):

It was very exciting. I enjoyed listening to mom read. I would recommend reading this for whoever likes to learn about a publishing world. And a school world for that matter.

Lainey’s Review (4th Grade):

I did really like it, because I didn’t really interest me. I don’t like books that take place in the city.

Christian Friendly: Yes. It’s a secular book but clean.

Sensitive Readers:  Green light! – with one small exception – 

 Natalie’s dad had unexpectedly died a few years before the story takes place. His being missed is a key (but small) part of the story. A child who has recently lost a parent may want to skip this one or save it for later. I thought it addressed her sense of loss very well. 


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