The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud

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571980The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud

 Written By: Jenny L. Cote

 Pages:  437

 Summary (written by Grace):

Animals named Max, a Scottish Terrier, Kate, a white Highland Terrier, Albert, (Al) an orange Irish cat, and Liz, a French Petite black cat are the main characters. Max is the main leader of the group heading down to Noah’s Ark. They travel across deserts, mountains, and beautiful plains and forests along the way. When arriving, Max meets a Chameleon snake named Charlie. Max is getting tempted by following the ways of Charlie. But when landing, Liz finds out Charlie’s full name. Charlatan. And now, ever since then, the team faces Charlatan throughout the centuries.

Marie’s Review (Mom):

Grace has already read some of the books in the series. I barely skimmed this one. Like the others, it appears to be well written, and full of facts and adventure.

My concern was that it wouldn’t follow the Bible. There seems to be all too many authors and movie producers out there that take liberty to rewrite bible stories to suit their whim. However, Cote addresses this very concern in an author’s note in the back of the book. She explains that staying true to the True Account is extremely important to her. That being said, this is still fiction, and I make sure to remind Grace of that as she reads this series. A child should still be very familiar with and have read, multiple times, these stories from the Bible itself.

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):  I enjoy it so much that literally, I can’t say how good.

Little May (1 yr) Translated By Grace: I do get to look at the pictures in Cici’s book! But, she doesn’t read parts out loud. Along with that, I like the cover, and like to take the book from Cici and bend the cover back. Then I dump it on the floor and walk away.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers (written by Grace):  Caution

Spoiler Alert: There is a part where Charlatan kills Max and Liz in Chapter 63. But, there is a happy ending. A few tears dropped out.

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