The Prophet, the Shepherd & the Star


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The Prophet, The Shepherd, and the Star

Written By: Jenny L. Cote

Age Range: 8-12

Pages:  512

Lexile Measure: 810L

Summary (written by Grace):

This story takes place in a couple different time periods. It is part of a series called Epic Order of the Seven. This story begins in Isaiah and is told by group of animals that work for the Maker.  They help Isaiah write and copy down his prophecies about the Messiah. They next move on to Daniel, who gets thrown down into the lion’s den. Moving on again, they came to where the Messiah, Jesus Christ, is born then months later, flees to Egypt.

Marie’s Review (Mom):

Grama Dee bought these books as an early Christmas gift for me to read aloud. She called CBD (Christian Book Distributors) asking for suggestion of a good children historical fiction series. The woman she spoke to highly recommended these.

I couldn’t wait to start them! 500 pages = extreme excitement in our house. Two pages into it, Lainey was completely lost and reality hit. It’s the holidays = I ain’t got time for a 500 page novel. I was intrigued by the well thought out characterization, but it was Christmas, I was crazy busy, and the books went on a shelf.

A few months later, Grace picked it up, and never put it down. I had to confiscate flashlights and even finally take the book away to get her to do sleep and get her chores done.

I admit I have neither read nor even skimmed them so I am relying on Grace’s review and to give you an accurate opinion.

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):  Jenny L. Cote gathers biblical information and places it into her books. I love to read it, and wish to get the whole entire series. I’m saving up my money for them. That’s how much I like them. They’re great and amazing illustrations in black, and the writing is awesome.

Little May (1 yr) Translated By Grace: Big Sis reads some silly parts out loud, and I laugh, just because everyone else laughs.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers (written by Grace):  Caution

There is a part of where a mother and her child die from Lucifer. It was very sad. There is a chapter called Kill Them All, where soldiers come and kill all baby boys two and under. It almost made me cry. It was very detailed.  Only kids who can take death seriously and handle reading about it should read these books.


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