Tucky Jo and Little Heart

Tucky Jo and Little Heart

Author:  Patricia Polacco

Summary (written by Lainey):

This picture book is about Kentucky Jo, and Little Heart. It took place the World War ll. He died when he was 85 in January 2010. He was in the army as a teenager, because his family lied and said “he is age 18 years old.” But he wasn’t.  And then one day he met a little girl in the jungle. He saw a heart on a little girl, and he called her Little Heart.  He helped her village by putting dynamite in the water and made it rain fish. When the war ended he went home and got married to a girl, and had 8 children.   When he was old, Little Heart became a nurse and surprised Kentucky Jo.

Marie’s Review (Mom): 

This book is precious for one simple fact – it’s true! The storyline appears to be straight from fiction. A young soldier, a traumatized and starving little girl with a heart tattoo… a nurse returning a life-long favor to an old man.  I’m so glad Johnnie Wallen’s story was told so it’s not lost to future generations.

Grace’s Review (4th Grade): I read this book, actually twice I read this book. Reading it was really cool. The, ‘Author’s Note:’ in the beginning really got me. In the end, the epilogue made even more understanding. Tucky Jo, or Kentucky Johnnie, really is fascinating.

Lainey’s Review (3rd Grade): I really liked this book. I liked when he went down into the water and buried the dynamite so he could feed the village. This is my most favorite book so far this year. I don’t know why it’s my favorite, just that I like the whole book.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers: Green Light

The realities of war are glossed over pretty well.  An astute child may be a little disturbed, but I don’t think either of my girls really paid any attention to it. Little Heart is shown being taken away in an evacuation truck with a look of terror on her face, which is probably more frightening than the actual words. But again, neither of my girls were really bothered by it.


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