First Words

Baby Einstein: First Words

Concept by:  Julie Aigner-Clark

Illustrations by: Nadeem Zaidi

Pages:  24

Ages: 1+


This board book has photos and illustrations of objects and animals arranged by subject, such as Clothes, Transportation and Underwater Friends.  Each picture or illustration has one word with it naming the object.

Marie’s Review (Mom):

This is Little May’s favorite book. It’s such a favorite that at times it has… ahem… “gone missing” a time or two…. =)

Some of the pictures are not very clear and blend in with the background, I thought they could have chosen better ones.  But Little May doesn’t seem to care, and eagerly points to all the pictures for me to name regardless.  Some of the labels are a little odd (who says “sneakers” anymore?) but I just substitute the words we use.

After years of volunteering in the church nursery, I’ve found the most popular books with toddlers are almost always “First Word” board books similar to this one.

Little May’s Review- 16 months (Translated by Mom): 

This is my most favorite book ever! And believe me, I have a lot of books to choose from. But this is the one I carry all around the house for mom to read to me. My favorite pictures are the green beans and the polar bear. I say “nom nom nom” when pointing to the green beans. If she doesn’t roar when I point to the polar bear, I continue to point over and over and over and over and over until she does.

It’s a sturdy board book, but I’ve loved on it so much that mom had to reinforce it with packing tape.

Christian Friendly:  Yes.

Sensitive Readers:  Green Light


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