The Chalk Box Kid

The Chalk Box Kid*

Written by:  Clyde Robert Bulla

Pages:  64

Scholastic Reading Level:  3.2

Lexile Measure: 270L


Gregory moves to a new city and a new school. Things go from bad to worse when Uncle Max moves in and the kids at school don’t seem to like him.  Then everyone in school gets to take seeds home to plant a garden.  But Gregory’s house is surrounded by concrete and an old burned out factory. He has no place to plant a garden. Or does he?

Marie’s Review (Mom):

I would have to describe this book as simple, engaging and sweet. It was well written, and for such a simple story the characterization was done just right. I was a little nervous at how the story would end, but it was very fitting.  There wasn’t anything overly dramatic; I wouldn’t say it was extremely exciting either. Yet it kept even my attention throughout and I encouraged Lainey read more than I had originally assigned.  I wanted to know what happened to Gregory and his garden!

Grace even read it even though she didn’t have to. Lainey read it out loud to me and did pretty well.  This is one of her first real chapter books that she’s read by herself, and the really short chapters gave her a lot of confidence.

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):  It was interesting. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures.

Lainey’s Review (3rd Grade):  I liked it. I really liked his garden and the picture in the book of it. I didn’t like all of it though. I didn’t like the part where he went to school and the kids weren’t very nice to him.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers:  Just a tiny bit of caution –

When he goes to school, most of the kids aren’t nice to him. There’s no name calling or all out bullying, but Vance, the “biggest kid in Room 3” who is obviously the ring leader, doesn’t approve of Gregory so neither do most of the other kids.  We all felt for Gregory, but it wasn’t anything overwhelming.

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