Daisy Comes Home

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Daisy Comes Home

Written and Illustrated by:  Jan Brett

Pages: 32

Scholastic Reading Level:  3.2

Lexile Measure: 540L


Young Mei Mei has six hens. All are very happy and lay lots of eggs. All that is, except poor Daisy.  The other chickens are so mean to her! One night when she’s pushed off her roost, Daisy leaves the chicken coop and decides to sleep in one of Mei Mei’s egg baskets.  It’s a choice that changes Daisy’s life forever.

Marie’s Review (Mom):

We are studying China right now, and this picture book created a relaxing end to the school day, giving the kids a visual of everyday life and scenery in rural China.

True to Jan Brett form, the illustrations are amazingly detailed and delicious.  Like other Jan Brett books, little side pictures show what other characters are doing (and feeling!) as the story is told. While the interest level is stated as being for preschool and younger elementary, we all enjoyed this one, even me!

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):  It was exciting. It had a lot of adventure. I like everything going on in the pictures.

Lainey’s Review (3rd Grade):  I loved it. I especially liked the ending.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers:  Green Light

There is a bullying theme here, and Daisy gains some confidence and learns how to stand up to herself. We thought it was fine, although a preschooler may feel very sad for Daisy.


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