A Beka Spelling

A Beka Book Spelling *small_cbd_logo

Grades We’ve Used: 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Each grade we’ve used has weekly lists that include spelling and vocabulary words (2nd grade starts the vocabulary half way through the year).  2nd grade has some worksheets that accompany each list, 3rd and 4th grade have one short exercise per list. Each book we’ve used also contains poetry.

Marie’s Review:

Both girls consistently test above grade level for spelling so I am happy and will continue with A Beka Spelling next year. The work is challenging for both girls, but they are still able to get A’s on their tests with 20-30 minutes a day of studying.  The vocabulary definitions are short and simple.

We don’t really use the exercises that come with the lists, but that’s mostly so I can reuse the books.  I have the girls choose from different activities such as typing, making a crossword puzzle or cheer spelling.

We read the poetry but don’t memorize it.  I save that for our weekly Bible verses. I think some memorization is important, but I always end up choosing other activities over the poetry memorization – there just isn’t enough time to squeeze it in.

Grace’s Review (4th grade):

I have trouble. I can’t keep up but I know it’s really good for me. I remember the spelling words but not the vocabulary. (Marie’s Note – Yes, she can keep up, she just actually has to work hard =) )

Lainey’s Review (3rd grade):

I don’t have an opinion, other than I hate spelling. All spelling.

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