Cameron Townsend

581640Christian Heroes: Then & Now–Cameron Townsend, Good News In Every Language

Written by:  Janet and Geoff Benge

Pages:  222


This is the story of Cameron Townsend and the birth of the Wycliffe Bible Translators.  As WWI is playing out, Townsend takes a summer job selling Spanish Bibles in Guatemala.  He quickly realizes the futility of his job when he learns much of the population can’t even speak Spanish let alone read it.  As he gets to know the Cakchiquel Indians, he discovers the great need for a Bible in their language.  This sets off a lifetime of work, and by the time of his death 100 translations of the New Testament have been completed.

Marie’s Review:

This book was another recommended read aloud from My Father’s World.  While Cameron Townsend’s story is one every Christian should be familiar with, this was not my favorite book. I really enjoyed learning Townsend’s story and the birth of Wycliffe, but much of the book was dry and bogged down with details. To be fair, I think it was meant to be a one-stop reference/biography and therefore isn’t really suitable as a read aloud for 3rd and 4th graders.  Middle grades and up would probably enjoy it more. For me, it’s not one I would choose to spend my spare time reading.

In spite of what I thought of the boringness (for lack of a better term) of the book, Grace was deeply inspired to seriously consider Bible translation as a career/ministry option.

Am I glad we read it? Yes, based on Grace’s strong positive reaction. But if any of you have come across another book of Cameron Townsend and/or Wycliffe Bible Translators that you enjoyed, I would love to hear about it.

Grace’s Review:  It was okay, but not real exciting. Just okay.  I might want to read it again          in the future.

Lainey’s Review: I don’t really remember much of it.

Christian Friendly:  Yes.

Sensitive Readers:  Caution

            We became attached to both of Townsend’s wives. It was a very sad part in the book when his first wife died. There are also some unexpected deaths of some of his friends. I had a hard time keeping my voice from breaking while reading of his death in the end. There are no gruesome descriptions, just some sad parts.


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