Marco Polo

Marco Polo (Junior World Explorers)

By: Charles P. Graves

Pages: 96

Reading Level: I couldn’t find any information on the reading level. My guess is mid third                grade.

Publisher: Chelsea Juniors, a division of Chelsea House Publishers


This is an easy reading biography of Marco Polo. It tells of his trip with his father and uncle from Venice to China.  He meets the great Kublai Kahn and explores much of the East.  When the Polos ask the Kahn for permission to return home to Venice, the Kahn refuses.  They eventually make it home, but no one recognizes them.

Marie’s Review:

This is an easy reading book that introduces the reader to  Marco Polo and Kublai Kahn.  I read it out loud to the girls, and they kept begging me to keep reading. It was short, fast paced and exciting, and makes a great reader and simple introduction to Marco Polo.

We rented this from the library, and I really liked it. However, it must be out of print. I couldn’t find it on Amazon or the publisher’s website. If you find it at your library it’s worth checking out!

Grace’s Review: Very interesting and exciting. It makes me want to learn more about                   Marco Polo.

Lainey’s Review:  I liked it and didn’t want mom to stop reading.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers:  Caution  

Marco Polo goes along with The Kahn into battle, and there are descriptions and a drawing of the battle.  I felt the author did a good job of making the point on how awful war is, but kept it age appropriate.  At the end of the battle, the method of how a traitor was put to death is described.  This may be a little much for a sensitive younger child, but the paragraph can easily be skipped.


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