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139149An  A Beka Book Overview*

Written by Marie

According to their website, A Beka is a phonics based curriculum that has been around for over 40 years. It is designed for both Christian schools and home schools and covers 2 year old preschool through 12th grade.

A Beka is a traditional, Bible based program that uses textbooks and worksheets for teaching.

Entire grade kits can be purchased, or you can purchase individual items. They also offer a DVD based curriculum, showing a teacher and a classroom of children.  This way the child being homeschooled can feel like they are part of the classroom, and it’s a lot less work for the parent.

My Opinion in a Nutshell:

If you believe in a traditional based curriculum you should seriously consider A Beka.  I know families that have used only A Beka that love it and have done extremely well with it.

If you feel confined by traditional classroom teaching with rote memorization, worksheets and textbooks, then it probably will not be a good fit for you and your children.

I also feel it has some holes in its language and reading, which I will post on and link here at a later date.

A Little More Detail:

Despite my original feeling that A Beka was the best ever (why in the world would someone not choose A Beka?!), for most subjects I’ve found other curricula that work better for us.

Before homeschooling, I felt the Classical approach was best.  Now I strongly believe in Charlotte Mason** style schooling with “living books” instead of textbooks and learning through free play and guided exploration. A Beka’s traditional approach just didn’t work for us. I found it became too boring, slow and stringent for Grace who is very creative and a quick learner.  For Lainey, who is what I call an emotional “feeler” it was just too much too fast and she couldn’t really process the information (However, a year and half into homeschooling, I have found Lainey does need worksheets).

We even tried the video samples on A Beka’s website to see if that would be a better fit, but 60 seconds into each one all three of us were bored stiff. I can’t imagine spending a whole morning watching them, but again that’s just our opinion and our learning styles.

There is a teacher’s guide with a lot of information. Much of it is geared towards classroom use, but there are some neat activities and ways to reinforce the lessons. To be honest though I found I don’t really use it.

We still use A Beka for some subjects and have abandoned it for the rest.  I will add more posts later, breaking down my thoughts on A Beka subject by subject.

If you’ve used A Beka please comment below and let us know what you thought of it!

*The Family Book List is an affiliate of Christian Book Distributors and receives a fee when links on our site are used to make a purchase.

**For a good but quick explanation of the 5 main curriculum types and which one suits your family, check out The Pioneer Woman’s post here


5 thoughts on “A Beka

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  2. I started with enthusiasm for Abeka too, but after 1.5 years, my son was literally in tears when we got out the school stuff. Then we switched to a mix of Sunlight and Christian Light Education which seems to be working great. Now for high school, it’s more Sonlight and less Christian Light.


    • I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! The masses of worksheets just are NOT working for us. I’m making changes in nearly all our curriculum this year except My Father’s World. It was a really hard choice between that and Sonlight.


  3. We love A Beka Academy DVD program. We can’t imagine daily school without it. Our daughter EAGERLY awaits each day with her teachers. The enthusiasm the teacher brings each day could never be matched by us working independently. Our daughter is a very quick learner. Any area that she has already mastered that is being taught on DVD becomes good reinforcement and we simply supplement with other things to offer her a further challenge. We also greatly appreciate the strong spiritual emphasis and KJV foundation placed in each subject. No doubt, this was a great influence on our daughter accepting Christ as her personal Saviour at any early age. She clearly senses the teahers’ love for her personally and she greatly loves and appreciates them in return. While Mommy is still greatly involved in her learning process, the DVD gives her opportunity to learn how to listen and follow someone else’s instructions. The ABeka program offers a great foundation in the curriculum giving confidence to us as parents that we are not missing anything academically and it gives our child just another avenue of spiritual reinforcement of what we already teach in our home. The attitude and learning success of our daughter are the “proof in the pudding” for us. Our blog shows details of how we have personally found to best manage the program for us. Happy homeschooling!


    • I’m so glad it works so well for you! I’ve heard really good things about the DVD program, and know a few families that use it and love it. I also recently heard from a friend that a school in Africa uses it too with great success. I think it just boils down to different learning styles. I’ve decided not to use any of it this year, but I admit I did purchase a Language B workbook to make sure we’re on track. =) I’ll check out your blog. Thank you for your thoughts!


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