Grandfather’s Work

Grandfather’s Work

Written by:  Ifeoma Onyefulu

Pages:  32

Scholastic Reading Level:  I was unable to find a reading level, but my guess is third grade. Amazon lists it as being for ages 5 and up.


In this picture book, a Nigerian boy describes the occupations of the adults in his family.  Detailed photographs are included of each person at work.  He saves his favorite, his grandfather the healer, for last. Photographs and simple descriptions are used to tell about some the traditional herbs used for healing.

Marie’s Review:

I found this little gem in the non-fiction “Africa” section of the library and we loved it! All three of us enjoyed studying the pictures and comparing even little details of African life to our life (“Mom! His mother bakes and sells white bread!”). Judging by the clothing and hair styles I’d guess the pictures are from the late 80’s or early 90’s.

After reading it we discussed how we use plants and herbs to heal, and how perhaps some of the plants mentioned were used by David Livingstone.

Grace’s Review:  It was interesting. I enjoyed it.

Lainey’s Review: I loved looking at the pictures and my favorite part was looking at the plants and learning about them.

Christian Friendly:  Yes.  There is actually no mention of religion.  The grandson describes his grandfather as a “magician” but grandfather replies that he is just a “messenger.”

Sensitive Readers:  Green Light


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