Celebrate Ramadan

Celebrate Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr

By: Deborah Heiligman

Pages: 32

Lexile Reading Level: 0710

Ages: 6-9

Publisher: National Geographic


This book is a first person narrative of life as a Muslim during Ramadan.  It covers topics such as prayer, fasting, Muhammad and celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Accompanying the simple text are pictures of Muslims around the world.

Marie’s Review:

I perused quite a few books at the library about Islam before settling on this and a few others. This one is my favorite so far. True to National Geographic fashion, the pictures are what really make the book.  Girls in Nepal decorating their hands with henna, a large family in Iraq sitting on the floor eating, a man in India selling cakes… I am having a hard time writing this because I’m flipping through the book and staring at the pictures all over again.

The text was simple, informative and helped my kids understand what it might be like to be a Muslim child during Ramadan.

Lainey read it out loud to us and loved it.

Grace’s Review: It was okay. I wasn’t really in to it.

Lainey’s Review:  I really loved this book, the whole thing. I liked everything about it. The learning, the pictures, everything.

Christian Friendly:  Yes – Obviously this is not a book about Christianity, nor is it written from a Christian perspective.  However, there is no negativity towards any other religion. I feel the book was very well done and not offensive.

Sensitive Readers:  Green Light  


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