Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure

Written by:  Marie McSwigan

Pages:  208

Scholastic Reading Level:  4.9


This is a true story that takes place during World War II. When the Nazi’s invade Norway, a band of Norwegian children from a small village are given the dangerous task of sneaking their country’s gold from a hidden cave – a task that involves sledding the heavy gold bars down a mountain and right past the enemy soldiers.

Marie’s Review:

I used this book as a read aloud, and we all loved it.  It was age appropriate and exciting, and made even me wish I could have been one of the children.  It gave us a feel for everyday life in Norway and a mild introduction on enemy invasion and war.  My guess though, is that it’s a very watered down version of what the Nazi occupation was really like.

I found this website:  which gives a brief description of an American plan to invade Norway via dogsled.

In my opinion, this book is one to keep and re-read.

Grace’s Review:  It had adventure, snow and historical action.  I loved it.

Lainey’s Review:   I loved it! It was exciting.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers:  Some caution –

  (SPOILER ALERT!!!) The children speak a couple of times of getting caught and tortured. I felt it a little gruesome but typical playground talk.  There were also some tense moments when the children are taking the gold past the soldiers, and a fist fight between two men.  At the end, the main character (a boy) is captured, but he is able to escape without harm.


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