This Place is Lonely

This Place is Lonely

Author:  Vicki Cobb

Illustrated By: Barbara Lavallee

Summary (written by Marie):

This picture book describes life in the Australian Outback, covering topics from school and work to neighbors, emergency healthcare and commonly sighted animals. A little bit of history is even thrown in.

Marie’s Review (Mom): 

This book was an excellent resource for learning about Australia! So much so that I’m going to look for the other books in the series. It was published in 1991 so I’m sure a lot has changed. I’m assuming they have satellite internet now, so did that make the radio school described obsolete? I also enjoyed reading about how Botany Bay got its name, and which animals are feral and not native.

So far this is my top pick for learning about Australia. It’s as informative as a textbook but a lot more fun  to read.

(And no, the picture above is not from Australia…)

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):

This Place is Lonely has some things that I like and don’t like. It doesn’t tell about what children do for school and what do sheep farms do for most of the time. Other than that I like it. It is pretty interesting in a way though.

Lainey’s Review (3rd Grade):

It’s a little weird. I liked learning about the animals in it. The drawings of the Aborigines were weird. I thought it was interesting.

Christian Friendly:  Yes, although it discusses that long timeline that bugs us Young Earth Creationists – 150 million years ago…45 million years ago… but really kids are going to encounter this at some point in their life, and regardless of one’s belief I feel kids should be exposed to both Young Earth and Old Earth theories.

Sensitive Readers: Some caution

The problems associated with Dingoes being meat eaters are discussed, as well as how kangaroos used to be rounded up and shot with a machine gun.


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