Choogoowarra: Australian Sheep Station

Choogoowarra: Australian Sheep Station

Author:  John Kiddell

Photographs By: Joe Molnar

Summary (written by Marie):

This book is set up like a chapter book but with a lot of black and white photographs. With a copyright of 1972, it gives us a glimpse of life on an Australian sheep station in the 70’s from a young boy’s point of view. The reader follows him as he rides through the bush to help muster the sheep, attends a livestock sale, catches the bus for school and more.

Marie’s Review (Mom): 

This is another book I found at the library. My first impression was “old and outdated” because, well, it is old and outdated! The topic interested me though; I was curious how the sheep stations differed from American ranches.

As it turns out, a lot is the same but there are some differences- we found it so weird to think that they flush kangaroos from the brush as easily as we would deer!

Parts of it were a little slow. It’s probably not one I would have read for fun, but it was interesting and I enjoyed looking around online for blogs on Australian sheep stations to see what things have changed since the book was written.

I think the girls were a little bored but they listened – especially to any part that had to do with Brett (the boy) riding his pony.

Grace’s Review (4th Grade):

It was interesting. It was interesting to know that sheep shearers get paid for how many sheep they do. I did not know that at all! I think I would read it again sometime in the future.

Lainey’s Review (3rd Grade):

I really liked it. I liked where they shaved [sheared] the sheep. I didn’t think any of it was boring.

Christian Friendly:  Yes

Sensitive Readers: Green Light

I’m sure life on a station is pretty rough and at times sad, but that wasn’t really touched on in this book.  The killing off of kangaroos and the effects are discussed, but not in great detail. This is a kid friendly book.


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