God Knows All About Me

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God Knows All About Me

Author: Claire Page

Publisher: Make Believe Ideas

Pages: 26

Summary (written by Marie):

This is a padded hardback book for toddlers and preschoolers that introduces the concept of God knowing everything about us all throughout the day. From bodies, feelings, behavior and actions, God knows all about us!

Marie’s Review (Mom):

I bought this book from Walmart when Lainey and Grace were little. My version is from 2008 with different illustrations. The new 2015 version is the one CBD sells now –  I haven’t seen it at Walmart lately. Grace wasn’t really into it as a toddler but Lainey loved it. I found it on our bookshelf again and brought it out as a bedtime story for Little May. It immediately turned into a favorite. And one we HAVE to read. Every. Single. Night. Fortunately for me it’s a quick read!

Little May’s Review at almost 2 yrs old (translated by Marie):

This is the best ever bed time book and one of my top three favorite books (and believe me, I have a lot to choose from!).  I love to point out my own toes and fingers, and make motions as mom reads me the book.  I enjoy studying the pictures by myself as I fall asleep. She keeps offering other bed time stories (I get to keep one in bed with me!) but I refuse them all. Right now, this is the only one I want!

Christian Friendly: Yes

Sensitive Readers:  Nothing that we could find.


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