Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break

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Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break

Author: Kelly Minter

Publisher: LifeWay


This 7 week Bible Study takes an in depth look into the book of Nehemiah.  He gave up a life of luxury and a good job because his heart broke for his people. Recipes are included in each session.  Each week also has a 20-30 min video session that goes with the workbook.

Marie’s Review (Mom): 

I had this Bible study on my wish list for years, but I didn’t want to pay the whole $80+ for the entire leader kit. I didn’t realize the videos could be purchased for individual use on LifeWay or I would have gotten it sooner!

As it turns out, I don’t think the video sessions are necessary. They’re really nice but not a must have. If you can’t afford them or don’t have time, just purchase the workbook and you’ll do fine. I did this study alone and not in a group. It’s designed for a group but worked just as well alone.

This was my first study by Kelly Minter (to be honest I had never even heard of her before). She is very gifted, passionate and thorough. Nehemiah is similar to Beth Moore studies in both content and layout, but not quite as much work. I think I spent about 30 minutes a day on it, and there are 5 days in each session.

The personal reflection points are deep and well done. I found myself truly searching my heart and praying. Some of my favorites: “Ask God to show you if any part of your service to Him has become about you.” (p. 153) and “Is God asking you to lay down an entitlement in a situation where you are justified to hold onto it?” (p. 72).

My Take Away:

Nehemiah’s heart was broken for his people, and God appointed him to be a catalyst. He was also very wise and strong. I aspire to be like him – to love God, allow Him to break my heart for what breaks His, and to keep from being deceived.

This study helped the story come alive so I could process the details – and apply them to my own story.  It’s one I would definitely recommend and will probably do again at some point.


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